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Sampling a pint at the George in London

Cookbook Reviews

"The pages of your "blue lines" came today for us to check. It's the midway step between what we send the printer and what gets printed. The pages are gathered into signatures and trimmed to the proper size. It's a last stop before the presses roll, and we check to see that it looks like the proofs, and that the pages are in order, etc. All was well.

But I really wanted to tell you how great this book looks, from the recipes to the color to the food photography. I'm really proud, and I know you are too."

"Got my copy on Wednesday and we are just so pleased. We love the design, and the color is nice. I thought the photos turned out well. I just couldn't be happier with it. I know you're proud -- the recipes are really special and I've cooked from it several times."

Nicki Pendleton Wood
Project editor

Also 10 year Food and Restaurant Critic for the Nashville Banner, Nashville, TN

"Dear Dr. Will,

A copy of From My Travels to Your Table just came across my desk. I was so intrigued with the fact that a medical professional would write a cookbook that I read the book from cover to cover. Congratulations on your project. The stories reflect someone with an adventurous spirit and one who is a "people" loving individual.
Thank you for allowing Favorite Recipes Press to partner with you. I hope that you were pleased with our service and happy with the finished product. If you are ever in Nashville I hope to have the opportunity to meet you.
Best wishes for successful sales of your book.

Dave Kempf

"Norma doesn't really talk about it, but she has an amazing gift. She is able to eat something once and know every ingredient in it. She can then recreate the dish (in her head) and make it as good or better than the original. I have witnessed this probably 100 times but am still amazed by it. She also is able to come up with dishes she's never eaten before to which she always says, "This tastes good in my head". What is good in her head is always fantastic on my plate. This book is special for me because it is Norma sharing this amazing gift in a tangible form with her family and friends."

Greg Hindahl, MD

Husband and Amateur Food Photographer

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